Spiritpact – Bond of the Underworld Episode 7: Cutting the String


Finally we get to the end of the flash back and now we know what happened with Shouken. Where to now?


Three episodes of Keika wandering around in Tanmoku’s dreams and we finally see how Shouken met his ‘end’ and the impact this had on Tanmoku. These episodes have done an excellent job of humanising the regularly inhuman feeling Tanmoku and have also given Keika a chance to not play the ditz for awhile as for once he is pro-active and actually helpful to Tanmoku even though his is entirely without guidance.


While not all of Shouken’s secrets have been revealed and clearly they are going to continue on with this particular plot point for a bit longer, this was a reasonably satisfying way to wrap up this sequence of dreams. Though part of me wonders what the ongoing impact will be on Tanmoku now that he knows Shouken isn’t really dead.

I’m looking forward to find out what happens at the ceremony and the preview looked kind of interesting.

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