Spiritpact – Bond of the Underworld Episode 5: We Always Knew Tanmoku’s Past Was Bleak


Keika spends this episode floating around in Tanmoku Ki’s memories and he has growing suspicions about Shinryu and what he is up to. Still, the body guard worming his way into a young and isolated boys heart is somewhat less of a problem than the way the family themselves treat Tanmoku and you have to wonder what they were trying to accomplish by isolating him in such a way in the first place.


Ultimately that is neither here nor there as it is clear that present day Tanmoku isn’t really interested in having Keika see his past as his nightmares are seem to be actively repelling him from getting any closer to him.


I’m kind of having an issue with everyone around Tanmoku being seen as greedy or insane. While in a large, wealthy family you would expect there would be a few bad apples but the entire clan are really just repellent at times. That said, I am enjoying getting more of a back story on Tanmoku and I’m looking forward to how this particular part of the story resolves.

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