Spiritpact – Bond of the Underworld Episode 3: Not Holding Back


Spiritpact may be the one Haoliners anime that genuinely doesn’t make me cringe at the thought of it. Admittedly, it had a really rough start with season one, but here we are at episode 3 of season 2 and I’m sitting on the edge of my seat and genuinely feeling for these characters. The story has become compelling and in honesty I’d love to be able to watch the next episode right now.


At the centre of the enjoyment is Tanmoku and Keika’s ever shifting relationship and the final third of episode 3 really put that bond front and centre, leaving us on a nasty cliff-hanger which if handled poorly could be a problem but I’m fairly confident of enjoying seeing the resolution next week.


However, I’m not just heaping empty praise upon the show just because the BL aspects seem to be getting put front and centre this season. There are still some genuine world building issues with this show and while I’m hoping season 2 will smooth some of these out and so far it has with a more focused approach to its narrative, there are still a lot of things the audience don’t know about how the world in this story works. If the show can overcome this, then it could be something I would genuinely recommend people watch and not just for the central characters.

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