Spiritpact – Bond of the Underworld Episode 2: Keika is Incredibly Gullible But That’s What Makes Him Endearing



Keika remains incredibly stupid at times and I love how he instantly believes what one person tells him but flat out denies most of the things Tanmoku tells him (though, again, Tanmoku should probably work on his communication skills as he probably could have explained the issue with the talismans). In a lot of characters, this level of dumb could be really irritating, and yet in this show Keika’s found a way to make it work and it has become almost charming (there’s still some moments where it pushes my tolerance levels for this kind of humour).


This episode does however throw in what is probably a super important reveal about how Tanmoku has linked himself to Keika and it does it in an almost by-the-way kind of manner not really drawing enough attention to itself amongst the other aspects of the story. Looking forward to seeing where that is going. Also I’d like to see more of Tanmoku and Keika together in general, because even when they are deliberately misleading us about where a scene is going, it is still fun to watch.

Did I mention how glad I was that this show came back for a second season?

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