Spiritpact – Bond of the Underworld Episode 12: A True Pact


Why did this have to end? Are we going to get a third season?


There is one major advantage of this show running at a slightly different time to Japanese seasonal anime. The season final occurred when most other anime are in a mid-season slump or still getting their momentum, so a final right now stands out and has even more impact than it might have had if it had to go up against a plethora of other season finals.


That isn’t to say that this isn’t a really great final episode in its own right, but with so many loose ends screaming for a season 3, it isn’t the most satisfying either. Essentially the Tanmoku family turn things on their head fro the Shinryuu family and Tanmoku Ki and You Keika make a real pact which apparently gives them some amazing powers but we’re not actually going to get to see them use it right now.


The confrontation itself ended in a fairly ordinary fashion and it is the emotional connections between the characters that are the real heroes of this episode and fortunately the show delivers. Whether it is the Keika and Tanmoku’s ongoing relationship, Jiun finally coming to terms with her jealousy and finding a new path to walk or the relationship between the brothers in the Shinryuu family, everything comes to a head and it does so in a glorious, if creepy in the case of the last one, fashion.

I’ll be doing a full series review of this shortly.

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8 thoughts on “Spiritpact – Bond of the Underworld Episode 12: A True Pact

  1. LOL! Poisonous insects, like the one from Fox Spirit Matchmaker. Well, they’re in the same timeline so it might just work.

      1. It’s kinda connected or at least a little. Fox spirit are currently at the arc where the Southern Princess is a poison user. They could be in the same timeline but different place. The main characters of fox spirit made a few appearances in Spirit Pact too.

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