Spiritpact – Bond of the Underworld Episode 1: Continuing From Where We Left Off



Okay, given I haven’t gone back for season 2 of The Silver Guardian and a few other shows, you would have to wonder why midway through the season I would pick up season 2 of this, particularly given I did not recommend this show in my overall review of it. The simple answer is that by the end of season 1 I really loved Tanmoku and Keika and I wanted to see them get a happily ever after. So Season 2 coming out made my heart did a little leap of joy and despite the early and terrible comedy of this episode (reminiscent of the start of season 1 which was pretty terrible), by the end of the episode I was very much happy with the return to this story.


Tanmoku is as inscrutable as ever and you have to wonder why he doesn’t communicate with Keika more clearly. A lot of the issues these two encounter would be solved just by a few extra words of explanation but I guess that is true of a lot of shows. Besides, the moment at the end of this episode where Tanmoku invites Keika into his soul is just glorious. Seriously, need more of those moments.


We also got to see Keika’s magical girl like transformation sequence which is all kinds of hilarious no matter how you look at it.


And the one thing this episode nailed was that despite being a reintroduction to a series and bringing back characters just so we knew who they were, it had its own story to make it feel like a worthwhile episode. Keika encounters a young yokai in the forest and tries to protect him with suitably devastating results really.


So yes, very happy to see this show return and looking forward to more of it. That said, unless you were one of the very few that ended up weirdly enjoying season 1, this isn’t exactly a show that I’m going to recommend. It isn’t exactly quality despite my genuine enjoyment found in watching it.

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21 thoughts on “Spiritpact – Bond of the Underworld Episode 1: Continuing From Where We Left Off

  1. I checked WP this morning specifically to see if you were covering this show. I have to say that I was pretty excited myself, but it was nothing compared to Kimmie who we know just loved the first season.

    I have to agree that there was a lot of going back to establish characters and such, but it looks like there’s going to be just as interesting a story developing as the last time. I’m really glad that we get to follow Keika and Ki again since I think this show’s strongest point has been the investment it creates in those two.

    1. Definitely. I wondered if Kimmie knew it was back. I loved discussing season one with her – she was one of the few people who both watched it and loved it.
      I’m really hoping they keep building on this show’s strengths. There are still some real rough edges to some parts of the show, but the two main characters have kept me coming back and by the second half of season one I was really enjoying this show.

    1. I don’t know that there was an announcement. It just kind of showed up in the updated shows list and I wondered why and then I noticed it was a second season. While I was happy about that I was wondering why nothing was actually announced.

        1. My wife told me she got an email too. Guess I need to check my spam box a little more closely.

          Weird thing was that I couldn’t see the second season up on Crunchyroll the day she told me. We ended up seeing it only last night.

          1. Okay, do I actually need to set up a MAL account to find out when shows start? You would think given I still had it in my queue on Crunchyroll that they might let me know there were new episodes.

          2. I think the email that she got was from Crunchyroll, actually. MAL occasionally notifies me when they add a new show to the database, but that doesn’t always mean it’s airing soon.

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