Spiritpact Episode 8



I really enjoyed this episode and it feels like the story is going full speed now and the episode title was pretty cool (Turbulence with a Chance of Dilemma). That isn’t to say the show isn’t without its stumbles. Keika had one of his incredibly stupid moments early in the episodeĀ  (I guess these are supposed to be comedic) and that was followed by a mid-episode Sailor Moon style transformation sequence complete with shimmering ribbon effects.


Actually, my real complaint with the episode comes from the master they go to visit. He delivers this line to Tanmoku:


Seriously? Combat or equivalent exchange? You’ve never heard of an IOU? It seems like an arbitrary thing to hold to under the circumstances and an unnecessary way to add a little bit of extra tension later now that Tanmoku has reopened the previously magically sealed wound. Still, Spiritpact has proven to be highly entertaining after a fairly rough start.

Spiritpact is available on Crunchyroll.

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