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I know I’m still an episode behind on this one but I found watching these two episodes back to back helped. Where episode 5 kind of dragged and then finished without resolution, episode 6 gave us the resolution and episode 7 was a fairly well constructed bridging episode between the cases so far and what is coming. That said, on its own, episode 7 doesn’t do all that much other than giving us a few character moments for the members of Special 7 who have so far had less screen time. It only works in the context of what comes before it and what presumably will come after which is where watching it immediately following another episode notably helped.


Anyway the terrorists in the upper levels of the mall are fairly quickly taken out once Special 7 put their plan into action, even if one of their plans involves swinging the rookie from a rope while firing (not worried about the hostages catching fire maybe?). It is then we learn, or it is confirmed, that the upper level terrorists really are expendable and the fact that they are taken out was all part of the plan in the first place even if the hostages being rescued wasn’t.


I feel there was a missed opportunity here as we don’t see any more of the terrorists from the basement that are apparently actually not amateurs and that very quickly diffuses the sense of danger. The dragon that appears is a little ludicrous looking and hard to take seriously, though it does confirm that there is indeed something off about our rookie. Or rather that he, like the rest of the time, really does take that ‘special’ title a little too seriously.

But after that incident, the characters get some down time, which makes sense if you’ve just taken out a terrorist unit. On a day off we see some of the unit in their home lives and others going grave visiting. None of this is entirely mind-blowing but it does feel like they are making some effort at giving these characters actual lives beyond their next mission. Even then, a lot of information is given to us about the characters and their current situations and theirs a number of points raised that potentially going to play an important role in future episodes, though I guess we’ll see if they do.


Also, they end the episode on a high note with the group gathering over a meal. It’s a lot of nothing but it is pleasant regardless. Special 7 continues to be one of those anime I am enjoying quite a bit, though it isn’t all that special. After the season ends, unless it does something mind-blowing in the next few episodes, I’ll probably forget this show even happened. That said, I’m happy I picked it up this season and I kind of want it to have a reasonable conclusion.

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Special 7 is not so special, but here’s the episode coverage.

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