Special Crime Investigation Unit – Special 7 Episode 4 Review

Special Episode 4

It’s Not Paranoia If They Are Really After You

I’m apparently a little slow on the uptake as I’ve only just realised that the episode titles are counting up. Between the special 7 where each character has a number in their name, the terrorist group 9, and each episode counting up – this week being “Family of Four” – I suspect that either all these numbers are significant or the person writing this just had a real number fixation. Either way, it is an interesting detail to throw into the mix.


This week our Rookie, Nanatsuki, is paired up with the cool, glasses wearing Nijou. Did I mention my interests levels increased dramatically knowing we were focusing in on Nijou? Ichinose is all well and good but his maverick like abilities make it difficult to take things seriously whereas with Nijou it feels like they are actually having to work to get to a resolution even if magic computer girl literally instantly gets them whatever information they need.


The case this week involved potential insurance fraud with a man having insured his son for a large number right before the car he bought went up in flames. Equally suspect was the fact that his other two sons had died within the past couple of years, also yielding insurance payouts. While I was on the fence as to which way they would take this, they ended up actually linking this plot back to the last one and it was actually a fairly decent connection.


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I will point out it is becoming increasingly obvious the animation budget isn’t great here. The images of an arm holding a glass and not moving while dialogue is heard, and similarly shots of character’s eyes but not their mouths, while carrying on a conversation permeate this episode. While it works with the overall style here, which I don’t mind, it does leave a lot of the visuals looking pretty static.


This episode does give me the sense that overall this is building to something. Whether that something will be a payoff worth getting to remains to be seen, however I am enjoying getting to know the members of Special 7. Now if they will just explain why the Rookie seems invulnerable to harm I think I’d be thrilled.

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Special 7 is not so special, but here’s the episode coverage.

Images from: Special Crime Investigation Unit – Special 7. Dir. H Kosaka. Anima&Co. 2019.

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