Space Battleship Tiramisu First Impressions


This spring title wasn’t exactly high on my priority list, but with only seven minutes in the animes first episode I gave it a go. While I wasn’t exactly sold on this, I also wasn’t entirely put off. What did you think of Space Battleship Tiramisu?


It will probably become immediately apparent if you give this a go that it isn’t exactly trying to be a serious space drama. While this first episode reveals little about what the story might actually be, we meet the ‘ace’ pilot Ichinose Subaru and watch him deal with the trauma of having food floating inside his cockpit and trying to fly while wearing his T-shirt back to front. It isn’t exactly striving for high brow entertainment and yet it is somehow actually entertaining (or at least entertaining enough given the short time commitment).

The MAL synopsis has a whole bunch of stuff in it about a war going on and I’m guessing we’ll find out more about this as the series goes on but for a first episode, this was kind of fun and I found myself wanting to know more about the main character at least.

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Karandi James


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26 thoughts on “Space Battleship Tiramisu First Impressions

  1. I am somewhat morbidly curious. Got a soft spot for shows about ‘ace pilots’, but would rather watch Macross if that’s all this is offering.

  2. I didn’t want to watch it, but then I did since you know it was only 7 minutes and I laughed a bit… I will probably watch the next episode.

  3. I was told I should watch this because the mc is naked a lot (what impression does people have of me? 😱 Yeah, probably the right one). Also, a title with Tiramisu in it can’t be too bad.

    1. I am not sure that naked pilot is really the right sales pitch but he does spend a reasonable proportion of the episode in various states of undress.

      1. Haha, yeah, I figured as much. He pleaded (not the right word) to my man loving persona I think. 😎 But I am gonna give it a go I think because I think it sounds like a funny, relaxing little story.

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