Space Battleship Tiramisu Episodes 5 + 6: Did We Suddenly Stumble Upon a Space Melodrama?


Stranded in space, memories of the past, and long lost brothers; I can’t complain these two episodes were dull but I’m wondering if I’m watching the same anime I was previously.


Episodes 5 + 6:

After episode 4, I wasn’t expecting all that much from this series and yet episodes 5 and 6 turned out to be pleasantly surprising. Okay, episode 5 definitely returned to the anime’s earlier obsession with nudity and eating in space but that is a joke that hasn’t quite been run into the ground yet and the flash backs to the family during episode 5 take on a greater significance in episode 6.


Previously it has felt like each skit was just that. A single set-up and then a punch line. Episode 6 turns that one its head by drawing on the flashbacks during episode 5 and setting up what might actually be an ongoing story-line, though they could just be kidding us here. It also made us question a lot of what we had seen previously as clearly every action a particular character has made is now called into question by episode 6. I’m not curious enough to see if they thought it through that well that I’ll rewatch the earlier episodes, but it certainly made me try to think back to every encounter with the character.


So yes, pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this pair of episodes.

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15 thoughts on “Space Battleship Tiramisu Episodes 5 + 6: Did We Suddenly Stumble Upon a Space Melodrama?

  1. I went back the first two eps, and Subaru definitely has been communicating with Cody from the very beginning, and it seems like only ever from within his cockpit. I like the twist for sure.
    The last two eps have certainly been an uptick. I doubt it’ll end up being anything profound, but ther series needed this.

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