Space Battleship Tiramisu Episode 9: Happiness and Tragedy


Fortunately the robot has proven a brief distraction and we seem to be continuing with what counts for a plot in this anime. And for the brief run-time its proving surprisingly interesting.


The robot situation was actually dealt with surprisingly quickly and I was quite satisfied with the outcome. Okay, the whole having a personality switch that allows you to make the robot evil is questionable, as is the fact that converting the robot to bike mode would make it compliant when it is still in evil mode, but I’m not really going to get too hung up on specifics with this story. It just isn’t that type of show.


And the second half of this episode of Space Battleship Tiramisu returned to space battles and actually linked in the whole saga with the brother and towards the end the clone that was made of Subaru. So the plot that’s been established since the mid-season continues and really they’ve done a lot with it considering how few minutes they have each episode and the fact that a lot of those minutes are taken up with gags. Even with the return of the talking pubic hair, this was a pretty entertaining episode.

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