Space Battleship Tiramisu Episode 8: So What’s With The Robot?


After a very brief stint away, Subaru returns to the Tiramisu to discover a robot has moved into his room. As you do. Not sure if this is a good development or not.


If I thought that Subaru going with his brother would lead to some sort of answers about anything I was clearly wrong given we had a brief skit involving a scratched robot and then Subaru decides to pack up and go. The brother lets him mostly because they’ve already got a clone growing, though that makes you wonder why he bothered to take Subaru with him in the first place instead of just stealing some DNA and moving on.


What makes me even more curious is why he returns to the Tiramisu and nobody actually asks or cares about the fact that he left with the enemy. Seems a little bizarre given they are at war, though I guess bizarre is a subjective thing and when we contrast that anomaly with the bleep, blooping robot with a duplicitous personality there really isn’t a clear line as to what counts as weird for this show.

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11 thoughts on “Space Battleship Tiramisu Episode 8: So What’s With The Robot?

  1. I thought they needed him in the tank or something to be able to clone him. There is also a the possibility that Subaru’s bro did actually think he would join him, and the clone was more of a contingency plan.

    I don’t think we can reealllyyy analyze this show and the character actions in the same way we can Grancrest or whatever, though. Tiramisu is intended to be a little less serious in general.

    1. I know it isn’t really something to analyse, but at the same time they made quite the big deal about revealing the brother and the like and now it is like that doesn’t even matter. I also get the short run time really doesn’t allow for a massively deep story, but again, some things just feel a little too rushed in terms of where the plot goes.

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