Space Battleship Tiramisu Episode 7: Brothers Reunite


This episode had a serious issue with balancing the drama of the two reuniting and the comedic tone of the series. The end result wasn’t exactly satisfying.


I get six minutes isn’t a long episode run time, even by anime standards, and in a show like this where they need to pack a number of punch lines into that run-time it makes it even harder to get pacing and tone to be anything more than the build-up to the next joke, but this episode kind of jumped all over the place. We go from serious confrontation with the older brother having taken out most of the Tiramisu’s command and wanting to take Subaru with him, to a poorly executed joke about a lost key in the space of moments. Everything after that wavers back and forth as well with the jokes not really landing and the drama feeling watered down.


Despite that, this does continue to progress this space melodrama we have and makes me wonder what the conclusion will end up being for this story.

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