Space Battleship Tiramisu Episode 3: Reality Is Cruel


Pushing ordinary set-ups into the realm of the absurd, this anime isn’t great but it does make me smile. What do you think so far?


Subaru has a small crisis this week when he’s forced out of his normal cockpit and into the Captain’s Daughter’s overly pink sanctuary. This leads to an explosion, a brief transition, and then the discovery of a new sanctuary closely followed by the crushing understanding that he isn’t all that special. For seven minutes it’s an impressive amount to cover even if it is all just set up and hitting the punch line moments.


For all its silliness, there’s something oddly relatable about the underlying issues Subaru is facing as he tries to cope with communal life on a space ship with a group of guys he doesn’t quite get on with. The favouritism shown by the Captain to the daughter, the general sense of hopelessness when faced with a situation outside of your control, and the desire to have a place of your own are all things the audience can connect with despite the silliness pasted over the top of it. And again, for seven minutes of viewing, it is perfectly entertaining. It doesn’t over stay its welcome and the weaker elements where it lacks depth are kind of easy to dismiss with such a short time commitment.

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15 thoughts on “Space Battleship Tiramisu Episode 3: Reality Is Cruel

    1. 7 minutes is what makes this show tolerable. Sometimes it is 7 minutes well spent but even the poorer episodes don’t leave me feeling too bad given the short run time.

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