Space Battleship Tiramisu Episode 2 – Short Skit in Space


This has pretty much established itself as a one note kind of show. Fortunately that one note is kind of amusing and with the short run time, this is a nice filler anime to watch.


There’s not a lot to say about this episode as really we get two basic skits featuring Subaru. The first has him adopting a dog and being unable to keep it and the second one deals with hi trying to cope with the fact that a mechanic decorated his cockpit without his permission. Subaru’s ongoing OCD about his cockpit has definitely become the running joke and fortunately it is funny enough and there are enough different ways they can exploit it that hopefully it won’t wear thin before the season is over.


Again though, the short episode run time for this anime is helping it a lot. If this was stretched to twenty minutes  I doubt I’d be so positive about it. Really it would be nice if some of the reoccurring characters started to get a bit of development but somehow I don’t think this anime is particularly interested in depth. We’ll see what happens though.

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17 thoughts on “Space Battleship Tiramisu Episode 2 – Short Skit in Space

    1. I haven’t seen all that many negative reviews of it. Most of the posts I’ve come across seem mildly amused by it at least.

        1. This is why I don’t read the comments under videos. They either have spoilers or they aren’t overly helpful. I mostly read blog posts because people seem to take more time to consider what they are writing than a comment under a video.

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