Space Battleship Tiramisu Episode 13: A Dramatic Re-Entry But No Conclusion


Due to inattention and general stupidity, Subaru and his brother both start plunging into the atmosphere. The tension of whether Subaru will survive or not isn’t exactly mounting in this final episode of the season.


Well any hope I had for this series has effectively come crashing to an end, and not just because of the Durandel plummeting through the atmosphere and onto Earth. None of the potential plot points were concluded in any meaningful way here or even addressed and while I get it is a comedy and short form so building a narrative isn’t its first priority, it didn’t even really try to do much with those elements. I did hear a rumour of a second season but I’m pretty sure I’m done here.


The other issue is that when something is absurd just to be absurd, it kind of loses impact after awhile. And two pilots being distracted by their OCD and allowing themselves to fall for so long into the atmosphere is just kind of ridiculous and makes you wonder how Subaru ever got called an Ace pilot if that’s all it takes to trash his ship. Anyway, this one is done and I will get around to reviewing shortly.

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