Space Battleship Tiramisu Episode 12: Back to Jokes About Dirty Cockpits


When things go wrong for a series, it is sometimes good to return to your roots. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work here given the story had pushed on a bit and now Subaru just getting OCD about dirt is kind of a weak consolation prize.


Apparently we have one episode left to go which really isn’t time to learn about the clone, the brother, and whether or not the father being a robot developer is in anyway significant. So basically we have a short form gag anime that midway through its season started to seem like it was going to build a plot only to squander the remaining run time before adding yet more plot points that won’t ever go anywhere.


I’d be disappointed except that I was pleasantly surprised that this anime attempted any kind of story in the first place. Still, at episode 12, I want more than Subaru upset that the spare machine he gets asked to use is filthy and that someone left the volume on the stereo turned up to loud. It just doesn’t cut it this late in the season.

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4 thoughts on “Space Battleship Tiramisu Episode 12: Back to Jokes About Dirty Cockpits

  1. I got what they episode was going for with the show parodying super robot anime with prissy Subaru, but it’s not welcome so late on the game.

    1. It is definitely about the timing. If they’d just gone with this format the whole season, well I probably would have dropped it, but because they gave us something resembling a story and now it isn’t going anywhere it ends up being kind of disappointing.

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