Space Battleship Tiramisu Episode 11: Another Flat Episode


Let’s take a break from space fights to take a stab at reality TV and the returning of Subaru’s space dog. Rather, let’s not because the end result isn’t great.


It might be petty to point out that a parody set in space that has featured giant space-dogs, robots with an evil switch, and clones is being a bit silly, but the introduction of the reality TV crew somehow pushed just the wrong button for me. Mostly, because despite Subaru’s obvious turn of mood from horrified by being subjected to being filmed, to nervous as he was a fan of the show they were from, he let them into his cockpit.


After having an almost continual running joke about his cockpit being is sanctuary and not liking anyone or anything else near it, the fact that he pleasantly let two randoms inside to film him while flying just struck me as completely world destroying. The one constant thing about this show was Subaru and his cockpit and now, for very little reason, that sanctuary is gone.

Trust me, know one is laughing.

Then we got a giant dog and dog sex joke, so all and all this episode was kind of terrible.

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