Space Battleship Tiramisu Episode 10: Another Mis-Fire


It has been at least half a season since the last episode of this comedy anime made me want to quit watching. However, that just makes this week’s lacklustre effort all the more disappointing.


This episode of Space Battleship Tiramisu just kind of didn’t do anything. We have the clone Subaru and his brother coming out to fight Subaru and Subaru going to fight them and they never actually meet. Instead we get a poor punchline about getting a speeding ticket in space.


While this is hardly new for this anime to derail its own plot for a joke, this one fell particularly flat. And after several weeks of reasonably entertaining antics and the potential build up of a real plot, this week just didn’t deliver. Fortunately though, the run time meant that it didn’t overstay its welcome and we watched and were done.

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