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Endro Episode 11 Review

Endro has a lot of downtime where it celebrates the cute girls being cute aspects of its story. For some, this is really appealing, and alone it would still make for a fairly watchable anime given the girls in question here are actually kind of fun as characters. For me, though, it isn’t that appealing. What has kept me watching this show, and at times quite appreciating it, is its ongoing retelling of the story of the hero defeating the demon lord. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is subversive, but it most definitely takes a novel approach at times to the subject matter.

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Episode 11 of Endro, really manages to use this to its advantage. What starts out as another fairly fluff filled episode with the girls defeating a monster and asking to go to Mao’s house as a reward ends up taking us into a fairly dramatic climax that beautifully reconnects us with the opening of the show where the hero defeated the demon lord but stuffed up the spell sending them to the past. The fact that the story manages the subtle transition from fluffy nonsense to fairly serious narrative reveals in an incredibly tight scene and it does so without being in any way jarring is actually a relatively impressive feat and honestly you have to give credit to the ground work that each episode has laid behind this episode for it working.

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To put it briefly, the golem maid who served the demon lord is found without her memories (well puked out of a monster for reasons to do with anime cooking). After some incredibly cute montage scenes with Mao reconnecting with her in her new role as teacher, we gather the characters back at Mao’s house, this time with Princess Rona. Only this time the Princess has a legendary card that can unlock sealed memories.

Endro Episode 11

However, the golem, if she ever lost her memories at all, isn’t the only one who recovers lost memories and the girls suddenly remember their previous adventure. It is a classically understated moment and yet it literally changes everything.

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But, not content with that as a reveal and set up for the next episode, it takes this one further and so we end up more or less back at the beginning only this time with the demon lord and the hero’s party all knowing what transpired last time. It seems set for an amusing and interesting ending, and just in case you were concerned it was going to drop the cute girl thing and gentle amusements altogether, Mao’s reaction post credits is utterly hilarious. It is one of those priceless moments that describing won’t do justice and the only reason it works is because we’ve spent 11 episodes getting to know these characters. Still, that sequence alone makes this series worth watching to be honest.

Endro Episode 11

Really looking forward to seeing how it ends.

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    1. Yes, I hope they do build on that rather than playing out the standard ending. Then again, Endro has pretty much delivered previously when it has thrown a curve ball so I’ll put confidence in them knowing what they are doing.

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