Slow Start Episode 1: No Start



Tiny girl goes to high school and is nervous.


Okay, I’ll just admit I nearly died of boredom watching this. It is a perfectly pretty piece of nothing with girls with squeaky voices and various breast sizes going through a perfectly nothing day. Compelling viewing it was not but I guess there’s a market for people who are into more calm and relaxing viewing and I must admit this was low stress save for the fact that I had to restart it after Crunchyroll crashed mid-way through a viewing I already wasn’t enjoying but I can hardly blame the show for that.


Right, I’m passing on this. Not because there is anything specifically wrong with it but because I am not the audience for this and it did nothing to interest me in its 23 minute run time (wow, only 23 minutes – it felt longer).

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Karandi James.



7 thoughts on “Slow Start Episode 1: No Start

  1. Yeah, slow paced CGDCT/SOL is certainly an acquired taste. For me, it’s right in my strike zone, though I can see where others might not care for it. I’m loving it, as it’s been a couple of years since we’ve had such a show so well executed.

  2. I watched this episode today and I can’t even remember if I finished it. It bored me as well. I guess I prefer more serious slice of life dramas

  3. I love slice of life so I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t bored at all watching it. I liked the lively characters. You definitely really gotta be into that genre to enjoy it though. I’d still rank it as the lowest of all the slice of life choices we get this season.

    1. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it. Yeah, this isn’t my genre and while some slice of life stories still manage to appeal, this one just didn’t get through the barrier of my not liking the style of story it was. Oh well. There are plenty of other shows to try.

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