Skull-Face Bookseller Honda-San Episode 1: Just Your Everyday Book Store

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There is something kind of intriguing about the concept at play here. The main character is undeniably a skeleton, at one point his lower jaw drops, literally. And yet, the show doesn’t seem to want to address that or the other staff members walking around who have a variety of interesting helmets, masks, and identities. It just kind of is like the elephant in the room and if you actually ask why it feels like you might lose some kind of game you don’t really understand.


I’m going to be honest, a comedy/slice-of-life has limited appeal to me and literally the skeleton protagonist and the bookstore setting were the only two things that made me curious about this. Fortunately though, watching this episode kind of felt like being in a book store (which I love and I really miss being able to do this on a regular basis given I live in a town without a book shop these days).


The humour works well enough though is the kind of obvious with Honda getting flustered by non-Japanese speaking customers and then a group of girls wanting BL recommendations, though I’m not entirely convinced there’s enough material here for a season even with the 11 minutes episode run time. But what really makes this one a harder sell are the visuals as it all just seems very roughly sketched in.


Still, if you want to catch some fantastic references to anime on the covers of books and in conversations you’ll certainly find plenty there to keep you busy. I’ll probably watch this for a bit but like with all comedy anime there’s a good chance I won’t finish it.

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17 thoughts on “Skull-Face Bookseller Honda-San Episode 1: Just Your Everyday Book Store

  1. 1) There’s references to manga and it’s a comedy, both of which are definitely my wheelhouses, 2) Honda talks about the global nature of manga, at least for this episode, and 3) I have some experience being behind-the-scenes when it comes to bookstores and libraries, so it’s basically tailor-made for me…aside from the fact I had to Google a few things. But that never fazes me – in fact, I’m a fan of shows that send you on quests to figure out references.

    I think you may have slightly missed one point of this show though – you don’t ask why he’s a skeleton, /because/ that makes the show funnier when he acts like a skeleton should.

    1. There’s a reason I don’t watch or cover a lot of comedy. I just don’t get it a lot of the time, now the humour in Zombieland Saga and I get along fairly well. With things like this, I just put that aspect to the side and forget about it.

  2. I watched the first episode and loved it! Definitely going to be one of go-to’s this season.

    1. And that is a reasonable view and normally I’d probably do the same. Still skeleton in a book shop, that notion alone earned it at least a second episode from me (okay, apparently I’m easy pleased at the moment).

    1. I know. I wondered if this was some kind of Halloween theme going on, or if the bookstore had some kind of policy or hired supernatural creatures, and then they just never addressed it so I resolved not to ask until they decide to tell me.

    1. Depends really on your taste. There was nothing in this first episode that would convince me to recommend it but nothing that was completely off-putting either. It was just kind of middle of the road.

  3. Haha, a skeleton protagonist would be the only reason for me to check this one out too lol 😂😂 But, honestly…I probably won’t watch this one. It does look funny though, have to admit that 😊😊

    1. I’m kind of wondering if this one will find its feet as it goes, or if this episode has set the formula for the season. I’m curious enough to watch a few more episodes even if I know this one might not work for me.

  4. Well, I am always up for a comedy slice of life…. Mostly because we can’t exactly say what is going to happen. Even though we knew nothing is going to happen we still stick with it just to see what they are gonna show us…. In my opinion I think that where slice of life gets it’s charm, also that is where most slice of life series fail, so let’s see this has to offer….

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