Should They Follow The Course Before Them?

Run With The Wind Episode Review Title

Run With The Wind Episode 17 Review

We knew last week that the twins, Joji and Jota, were starting to wonder what their goal was and fortunately Run With The Wind isn’t interesting in dragging out any other drama unnecessarily (Kakeru’s story went on long enough). This week we see that come to a head and while the answers aren’t clear what is clear is that each member of this team is looking within to find their own reason to run and be a part of the team.

Run With The Wind Episode 17 Twins

That doesn’t mean it is all smooth sailing with the twins acting particularly childishly leading to some discord within the group. Kakeru is particularly affected feeling guilty for not answering the twins after the qualifier about why they were running as he feels this is what has set them off. Still, that also leads to some fairly funny moments including Kakeru chasing down the twins when they ditch a road trip to view the course to go play soccer. The reaction of the other team members at the idea of outrunning Kakeru is pretty amusing.

Run With The Wind Episode 17 Twins

Really this is the audience’s first view of the course they are going to run and while we move from site to site fairly quickly it looks like a mammoth ask for the team to complete the track, let alone actually get any kind of position. I was honestly blown away by the scale of this undertaking and I really do get why Kakeru said the entire thing was impossible way back in the beginning after seeing that.

Run With The Wind Episode 17 Haiji

Of course, it isn’t all team mates and finding reasons. The episode ends on Haiji back at the doctors and I wonder just when we’ll be let in on what has happened to him in the past, what has driven him to run, and whether this race is going to do some serious harm to him. I don’t think that would make him back down but I’m curious as to his story in all of this. Despite having a lot of screen time, Haiji is very good at revealing information about others while playing his own cards incredibly close to his chest.

Run With The Wind Episode 17
I wonder this as well and I kind of hope we see it before the series ends.

As usual, this was visually a feast, the characterisation was on point, and this show just continues to be a delight to watch. It doesn’t demand much from its audience with its straight forward plot, but it does manage consistent entertainment.

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3 thoughts on “Should They Follow The Course Before Them?

  1. Ahh, I’m so excited to know what Haiji’s past is! I recently discovered that KazeTsuyo actually had live action and stage adaptations years ago! That’s testament to how popular the series is and it’s increasing my expectations, so I hope this delivers to the end.

    1. How do you do a stage adaptation of this? Okay I probably don’t want to know the answer to that but that’s pretty interesting that it has had other adaptations before.

      1. I don’t know myself. But JP was able to do stage adaptations of a lot of works (Prince of Tennis, Digimon, etc) so it’s not surprising. True. The live action movie was produced in 2009! Now I want to read the novels. 😄

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