Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru Episodes 8 + 9 Review

Cautious Episode 8 9

Goddesses, Flies, Demons and Sacrifices

Well, Seiya wraps up his bow training and we learn what was wrong with the archery goddess as she goes on a rampage attacking both Seiya and Mash. The amusement of the situation will depend on how funny you find a naked goddess threatening to have her way with an unwilling partner before getting pinned to a tree with multiple arrows. I’m going to say it fit within the context of the anime but I was more or less happy when Seiya and company decided to head back to deal with the giant flies.


Turns out they aren’t the only ones heading back to the flies. The idiot commander from last week has also gone alone to confront the flies and almost instantly gets taken captive by the leader who rises above the clouds and prepares to dash her body against the ground. Honestly, what did she expect to happen? Seiya using her as bait is the appropriate action in this instance even is she feels it is a cowardly act not to walk up to your enemy and face them head on (though what is the point of that if you are just going to lose and leave the kingdom defenceless).


However, there’s no rest for the group as they are almost instantly having to face a threat in the form of a summoned demon. Even fleeing to the divine realm doesn’t help and you have to wonder how useful some of these gods are given how quickly they are taken down.

Seiya is as normal prepared for the events, however unlikely they are, and leads the demon to the one goddess he assumes can handle it, the Valkyrie that he previously encountered. Of course, he doesn’t do something sensible like ask for her: no, he decides to lure the demon into shooting at him while he’s standing in front of her work of art and then steps out of the way. The end result is effective though the question of Seiya’s methods is probably one that is going to keep coming up.


Though, it seems as we go into the home stretch Seiya’s got something he’s keeping secret and I suspect things are about to get bad for the team given, as Ristarte’s monologue made clear even if you hadn’t just noticed it (please anime trust viewers more), Seiya didn’t say he was Ready Perfectly before they set out onto the next thing. I’m curious as to where it is going and I’m very surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed this story. I was expecting something fairly ordinary when it first started but I’ve really found myself enjoying this each week even if there are a few scenes I could have done without.

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Let’s Talk about how Seiya over-prepares while Ristarte freaks out in Shinchou Yuusha.

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Images from: Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru. Dir. M Sakoi. White Fox. 2019.

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