Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru Episode 6 Review

Cautious Episode 6

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Seiya is not a great communicator as becomes obvious early on in this episode of Cautious Hero. Elulu is faced with the ‘destiny’ of becoming the sword that will defeat the demon lord and Seiya doesn’t tell her not to do it, and yet it is pretty obvious what his thoughts about the whole situation are. Naturally Elulu and the rest of the party mis-read him which seems weird given how obvious it was but outside of that this episode works very well and while it might seem like Seiya is Seiya there’s definitely more going on with his character as this story progresses.


I do feel that it would have been nice for Elulu to be a little more assertive this episode. She very much is stuck as the victim of the piece where stuff is happening around her but largely she’s either just accepting of it happening or crying and waiting for someone to save her, or telling them to let it happen. While they’ve certainly made the point that Elulu the baggage carrying dragonkin isn’t exactly made for combat it really would have been nice to see her with a bit more spark in her personality this week as the episode revolved around her.


As for the dragonkin themselves, Saiya as usual doesn’t trust them and in this case it turns out he’s quite right not to given the sneaky means to which the leader will go to get her way. However, Seiya and the dragonkin leader soon come to blows and it is a matter of who was actually the most prepared. And we already know which character is ‘ready perfectly’.

I will say the fight was a little disappointing. Once the dragon leader went to defense it was by and large just a still dragon with a guy flailing his swords at it over and over again. While the concept makes sense given the context it wasn’t exactly visually stimulating and the scene seemed to go on and on.


Yet for any criticism that might be made, the reality is that this was a solid episode and the wrap up after the fight is where we realise that Seiya is either changing or he was never the solid rock of cautiousness we’ve come to expect. He’s almost half-way friendly at one point and one of his statements seems utterly at odds with the character he was when we first met him and yet comes so naturally at the end of this episode. It makes for an anime that could have been a one-note repeating joke into something far more interesting even if it still isn’t actually brilliant.


Though, it seems like the demon-lord is getting a bit more serious about the whole thing now so I wonder where the next episode will go and what will happen next. I also wonder if Ristarte will actually end up bald by the end of this because Seiya is making liberal use of her hair in the manufacturing process for his weapons.

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