Shelter Review

Another one that I knew nothing about prior to seeing it appear in the list on Crunchyroll.


6 minutes about a girl who the write up tells me is named Rin who is 17 who lives in a simulated world.


If this had been an advertisement for a table or virtual reality and a product name had come up at the end I probably wouldn’t have been surprised. Apparently it is meant to be a music video (or so says Facebook, six thousand other blog posts, and Twitter – though interestingly enough the description of the video on Crunchyroll doesn’t mention that). Other than the initial woe is me dialogue (at least she doesn’t say she’s an ordinary girl but she does do the insist-I’m-not-lonely thing), the anime is silent until the end except for the music that plays over a montage of what is at first an ever changing virtual world controlled by the girl’s tablet and then her memories which reveal where she is and how she got there. It’s actually beautiful to watch and they do build a fairly emotional narrative despite the short time frame and large absence of dialogue. Worth 6 minutes of your time. Probably not worth the flames and words that people are throwing around arguing whether or not this is anime.

Shelter is available on Crunchyroll.

10 thoughts on “Shelter Review

  1. Have seen this, along with Yuri on Ice appearing pretty much everywhere. Since it is only 6 minutes long, will probably watch it soon (if only to see what all the fuzz is about 😀)

  2. I keep seeing this everywhere and has already been spoiled about the details. I don’t intend to watch it but gotta say that the animation looks very beautiful.

    1. It was everywhere when it came out. Every second blog I went to during that week was discussing it. And then, just like that, it vanished off people’s radars. And it’s easy to see why. When you watch it you get caught up in it and you want to talk about it, but there’s no follow on (it’s only 6 minutes) so you just move on after the initial wow.
      That, and the whole is it anime argument that everyone decided this video was a catalyst for rehashing.

  3. It’s an animated music video. Funny how people aren’t complaining about Daft punk having animated music videos. Or rather “anime” video.

  4. I thought the video was extremely well done. Extra props since A-1 Pictures did the animation and I’m sure you know they don’t have the best rep for many fans (though I don’t mind them). Even had success showing this to folks who don’t like anime so even if I didn’t like it (which I do), props for that.

    1. I don’t mind A-1 Pictures either, but they aren’t exactly a draw for me when picking something to watch. Visually though, this was quite enjoyable.

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