Servamp Episode 1 + 2


Ordinary highschool student who doesn’t like complicated things rescues a cat that turns out to be a vampire. After being attacked by another vampire he forms a contract with the cat/vampire and saves his friends.

Review Episode 1:

I really think if I had watched this 10 years ago I’d have been really into it. Now I just kind of found it pleasantly amusing but not a lot more. The main character is a pain. He disliked complications so he just does everything himself? Really? That’s some flawed thinking. Then the cat/vampire comes along and also hates complications but he’s apathetic to the point where you just want to shake him. I’m really hoping the two of them rub off on each other because that might bring them from being one dimensional beings to actual human level. Still, this is actually quite cute and I’d like to see where it goes but I maintain that I probably would have enjoyed this more 10 years ago than I am now.

Review Episode 2:

Yep, 10 years ago I’d have loved it and now I just look at the main character blowing up at every little thing (even though apparently he wants things to be simple) and I just find him deplorable. He has no facts about the world he’s been thrust into and he doesn’t seem to be interested in finding them out. And shouting at things seems to be his go to solution for things he doesn’t like when he has nothing to back him up. I kind of wanted the cat to let him get killed. I was tempted to wait and see on this one but the protagonist is just too unlikable and there wasn’t enough substance elsewhere in the story to keep me watching. I might revisit this at a later date but I’m not that interested right now (maybe the cat’s apathy rubbed off on me).


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