Senryuu Shoujo Review Episodes 3 + 4


It’s cute but fairly pointless.

Nanako and Eiji - Senryuu Shoujo
On the plus side, it is easy to get screen caps without subtitles in this show without even turning the subs off.

Episode 3

Honestly, if I was actually expecting anything from this anime, episode 3 of Senryu Girl would be the moment I’d decide to drop it from my watch list. Starting with a weird game of charades, having a middle that involves an amusement park mascot licking  Eiji’s shoes, and an end that blows a sentimental moment on a cheap joke and all and all there just isn’t enough that is working here.

I just found this title image really bizarre – like, what is with the rabbit?

Admittedly, the cute interactions between Nanako and Eiji continue to be cute, though his denseness became far more apartment this episode. What works less well is that the club president and the newly introduced big-sister character already seem reduced to side bar commentary on the non-progress of the main couple’s relationship doing the creepy stalker thing while the other two go on a date.

Nanako and Eiji at the amusement park.

I’d also like to throw a what is up with Nanako’s family into the mix given the few moments we saw the parents and sibling it mostly just made me wonder if everyone in this show actually suffers from some mental illness.

Nanako's father - Senryuu Shoujo

Anyway, I wasn’t really expecting much more than passing entertainment and while episode three might be a low point so far, overall this anime is doing enough for its twelve minutes a week so we’ll see what episode 4 brings.

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Episode 4

Introducing a new weird girl who doesn’t talk but communicates via drawing sounds like a really silly idea but the scene where Kino and Nanako introduce themselves to the other by drawing and poem writing is actually pretty adorable so I’ll have to give Senryu Girl a pass for this fine effort. While there isn’t a whole lot more to the episode, given the episode length of twelve minutes, one really well delivered scene is actually enough to leave you with quite a good feeling after watching.

Senryuu Shoujo Episode 4

The episode begins with Eiji feeling like he is being followed. In discussion with the literature club, they determine it might be a stalker or someone trying to confess. There’s a fairly cute moment where Nanako starts to write the question of how Eiji would respond if she were to confess, but mid-way through she realised what she’s doing and actually bends her board in half. Probably the one benefit of writing over talking. She did get the opportunity to not have those words actually come out. That said, she’d have been better off erasing it rather than bending the board given the club president still reads it after Eiji runs out after her.

Nanako - Senryuu Shoujo
Note to Nanako: This does not erase what is written on the board.

When they finally meet the stalker, she’s pretty much Nanako the second but her responses take even longer because she has to draw a whole picture. That said, it works well enough and again, the short episode length sells it.

No matter how you want to look at it, this scene in Senryuu Shoujo was adorable.

While this episode was a step up from episode 3, honestly, I think this is as good as this series is going to get and honestly that makes it watchable but that’s about it. With this new character, it is clear Senryuu Girl isn’t all that interested in actually looking at any of the issues these kids have but just wants to put them in cute scenarios together, and while that works to kill twelve minutes it doesn’t leave much of a memorable impression. Though Kino tilting her drawing was kind of adorable.

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  1. That’s about the zone I am in with this series and I guess I need something to watch after Fruits Basket tears me apart on Fridays.

    1. It is definitely cute but there’s really no substance to this one and honestly I had actually forgotten what the episode was even about and had to go back and watch the start to remind myself almost minutes after it finished.

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