Senryuu Shoujo Review Episodes 1 + 2


Poetry and cute shy characters


Episode 1

This is another short form anime (there seem to be a few this season) based on a 4-koma manga. With 12 minutes to get its set up complete, episode one surprisingly manages a decently sweet slice of life, school club style anime opening establishing the two lead characters, the club president and a general tone that is kind of cute and kind of makes you smile but isn’t exactly laugh out loud funny and doesn’t seem to be trying to be.


Admittedly, Nanako, the main character, may become a little tiresome given her gimmick is she literally doesn’t speak but simply writes her thoughts in poems, but the supporting cast made up for it and seem to tolerate her quirk while at the same time they are aware that she has an issue.


Busujima Eiji, as the misunderstood thug who has joined the literature club was fairly entertaining. He hasn’t exactly broken out of the mould at this point but there’s something pretty cute about his character and when paired with Nanako the dynamic worked well in this first episode.


Art and animation are average and the music is pretty forgettable, but all and all, there have been worse opening acts. Senryuu Shoujo has so far managed its poetry gimmick well enough bringing it into the narrative without it feeling too forced and the end result is pleasant and easy to watch. While not a particularly memorable first episode, this one might well be a relaxing watch for the season depending on how it develops from here.

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Episode 2

Relaxing is probably the best description of Senryuu Shoujo though it might be a little charitable when empty is a possibly better description. This episode starts with Eiji seeking to overcome his issue where people think he is a thug, has a turn mid-episode when he makes an off-hand comment to Nanako about her gaining weight, and ends with Nanako training with Eiji’s ‘big-sis’ in order to slim down. Aside from the oft repeated messaging that girls shouldn’t eat and should be slim, there’s little substance to the episode though that doesn’t actually stop it from being enjoyable.


The poetry continues this week and I was right about Nanako’s gimmick getting a little tiresome. While the odd poem thrown into general conversation is amusing, her inability to communicate without poems is actually a little stifling to watch and began to feel more forced in this second episode. Who knows if they can make this work through a whole season.


Again, it is the supporting cast and the introduction of Eiji’s so-called ‘big-sister’ that keeps things light and moving Also, the chemistry between Eiji and Nanako is pretty solid. That said, this is hardly a must watch and works as passing entertainment but is also easily skippable.

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2 thoughts on “Senryuu Shoujo Review Episodes 1 + 2

    1. It is pretty cute. It isn’t my usual style of show and honestly the lack of a driving plot makes me relatively distanced from it, but it is cute enough and fun enough for the run time.

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