Senryuu Shoujo Review Episode 8


The Obligatory Swimsuit Episode


Episode 8

Another standard plot development for Senryuu Shoujo as we move into Summer and of course that means the girls need to go shopping for swimsuits. There’s not a lot more to the episode as the president takes Nanako, the girl who communicates through drawing, and the psychic to a shop and they all pick out a swimsuit, meanwhile Eiji’s childhood friend ambushes him by turning up on his bed while wearing a bikini.


The usual eye-rolling follows. Why characters get bent out of shape about swimsuits and the amount of shy fidgeting and turning red these characters do in this episode is just beyond a joke. Worse, the episode doesn’t feel the need to even try to string anything more together than Eiji sees Nanako in a swimsuit for the punchline and then the episode ends.

I have no idea why this line was included. It seems so random and doesn’t connect to anything that happens.

Even for a short anime this episode of Senryuu Shoujo was lacking substance. While the cute sparkles surrounding girls in swim suits might compensate for some viewers, this one is a solid low point for the series for me so far. There were just no actually cute interactions between the characters and the standard routine of check out swimsuits and have jaws dropping over the one that looks like strings and then the boob staring to compare chest sizes just doesn’t appeal in any way.

I do continue to enjoy the art girl as she’s usually pretty amusing.

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Overall this episode didn’t actually do anything wrong but it didn’t do a thing to make me feel it was really worth the time it took to watch.

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Karandi James

4 thoughts on “Senryuu Shoujo Review Episode 8

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  2. Art girl is the most creative character I’ve seen in a while from anime. It’s funny because it takes LESS effort to make her emotive but it works. It’s always hilariously adorable to me every time.

    1. She is totally adorable. I should probably actually learn her name at some point because every interaction she has is really cute.

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