Senryuu Shoujo Review Episode 12


An Adorable End For An Adorable Show


Senryuu Shoujo Episode 12

A cute and delightful end to a cute and delightful show. Senryuu Shoujo remains an adorable entertainment this season in the most calm and relaxing manner and episode 12 showcased the best of what it had to offer with a flashback of Nanako and Eiji’s meeting. Most definitely too adorable.

His delusions are adorable.

While we certainly don’t see these characters end up together with a confession, seeing how hard Nanako fell for Eiji on first meeting was an equally powerful emotional note to end the series on. Seeing Eiji find his love of Senryu and work to express himself despite being judged by his external appearance was also pretty good. Not so sure about his hippo/cherry blossom poem though. It didn’t quite hit the mark the way he seemed to think so.


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While it is a shame the rest of the cast outside of Nanako’s family don’t make an appearance in this final episode, episode 11 gave them a reasonably solid show casing so it was nice to see Senryuu Shoujo narrow in on the main two for its final outing.


I’m genuinely going to miss this little ray of happiness from my weekly line up and I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants something cute and short to pass an afternoon.

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Karandi James

2 thoughts on “Senryuu Shoujo Review Episode 12

  1. “While we certainly don’t see these characters end up together with a confession”

    Not sure we needed one… Though it’s an anime staple, with Nanako and EiJi I think a confession would be more of a formality than an evolution in their relationship.

  2. I’m glad the manga got such a decent adaptation. My only gripe with the manga is really how sort of, well, “limited” it is by the 4koma structure.

    I’m sure to watch this soon!

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