Sengoku Night Blood Episode 9: No Bad Guys Here



This story is determined to only make the yakuma actually bad because everytime we have one of these war lords looking all scary and intimidating (and actually being intimidating given our heroine has been kidnapped, locked in a shed, and – by our most recent contender – threatened with death if she tries to escape) every single one is actually a good person who is just misunderstood. I definitely spent a large portion of this episode fighting off an eye roll.


It didn’t help that I actually almost forgot the heroine’s name a couple of times this episode and it wasn’t until near the end when another character mentioned it that I remembered what it was. This is probably a sign that I’m not really caring about her character (or lack of character) at this point in time.


But without any of the war lords to care about being villainous the Yakuma have levelled up in this episode and I guess that’s where we are going for the series final at this point. I’m really not caring one way or the other to be honest. Still like the look of the night sky in this show but the story has been underwhelming for a fair length of time now.

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