Sengoku Night Blood Episode 7: It Isn’t Dropping If I Just Stop Watching



I’m not actually dropping this show nor do I actually intend to stop watching. It was more that Date’s reasoning that it wasn’t locking her up if he didn’t lock the door to the warehouse really kind of bothered me. If you kidnap the girl and stuff her in a warehouse overnight that is locked the first time and give her every appearance of locking her in the second, and given she’s still kidnapped and unarmed, I kind of think that is locking her up whether the door is physically locked or not.


I’m pretty sure none of these characters are taking the conflict seriously at this point. They wander around villages, they make good food, they go hunting with falcons, search for missing girls, but none of them seem all that much in a hurry to actually win and unify the land or whatever other goal they are spouting might be.


As such, the show has no sense of tension and no sense of urgency. Encounters happen and sometimes there are injuries but basically everyone just keeps going on. Even when surrounded by the monster spirit things, after fighting a little bit, they just make the decision to ride through them. Cut scene and we’re at the castle. No problem. So why fight them in the first place?

This show is still quite pretty but that’s about the only point in its favour at this stage given the characters are pretty ordinary, the story is going nowhere quickly, and there’s really nothing drawing me back to watch the next episode other than I’d kind of like to know if she ever gets home. Or a new outfit.

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