Sengoku Night Blood Episode 5: Why Have Vampires and Werewolves If You Don’t Do Anything With Them?



As much as I still enjoyed this episode as a very laid back kind of historical-harem thing there were definitely some issues this week. The most pressing being why even bother with the premise of alternate reality with vampires and werewolves involved in the warring states if other than pointy or furry ears you don’t do anything with that concept? Seriously, after five episodes we’ve had one vampire bite and a few leering at blood but essentially this is a non-story element. It almost only seems to exist because someone pointed out in a planning meeting that there was nothing original about the show and so someone said… “Vampires.”


The other issue that is kind of killing my enjoyment is that narration is starting to become reminiscent of Knights’ & Magic in that the narrator tells us who is fighting in the battle and who is allied with who and then at the end of the episode tells us how the battle was resolved. If the story was so weak that we didn’t know who had become allies (which to be honest it was) then this line or two of narration doesn’t make the following fight any clearer as to who is fighting and why. And then it is like they realised the episode was coming to an end and they hadn’t wrapped things up so the narrator does a voice over and fight done.


To be honest, neither of these really stop this from being light entertainment but they do stop it from actually being good. We’ll see where they decide to go next and whether this can rise above being fairly forgettable fluff.

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