Sengoku Night Blood Episode 4: Heroine Gets a Fever,There’s An Original Development



I didn’t actually dislike this episode, but I think it highlights the fact that this show is unashamed of what it is and it isn’t trying to reach beyond that. Every move and every singe character is at this point predictable. Even the two characters who act like they hate each other but actually they are good friends just feel so much like they’ve been lifted from the thousands of other shows they’ve already been in.


The little furball (don’t remember its name) tells Yuzuki that there’s a clue in another territory so off they go to said territory. An excuse to first douse the lead in a storm and give her a fever so she can wake up with the ‘where am I’ sequence so popularised by heroines suffering a personality deficit and secondly so we can introduce another castle full of good looking werewolves.


Occasionally this show remembers it actually does have a larger plot, but they’d really rather provide excuses for the animated boys to stare out at the audience in a way that I guess might make someone’s heart-throb.


Still, there’s fun to be had with this bit of fluff even if it isn’t going to take a prize for being deep or meaningful. I certainly have no intention to drop the show.

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