Sengoku Night Blood Episode 2: My Teenage Self Would Have Loved This



I really think that if this had come out (and I’d had the means to watch it) when I was fourteen or fifteen, I’d have been in love with it. However, as I am not a teenager (and haven’t been for well over a decade) and I’ve watched a lot of anime at this point, I know that this is not particularly good. They still haven’t bothered to explain anything about the characters to the audience so either you just accept that it doesn’t matter who they are and just define them by whatever bizarre outfit they are wearing, or you dredge up every memory of these names from every other anime and try to piece it together and even then, it doesn’t make a lot of difference.


The female heroine is starting to get a tiny bit of personality rather than blank slate, but mostly it is just the usual ‘I’d like to be helpful’ personality that so many harem leads fall into and of course her acts of kindness charm every single guy she talks to. Be prepared for blushing warriors left and right as she ‘helps’ them out (and that sounded more suggestive than intended given nothing is actually happening).


Despite the obvious and fairly relevant criticisms of this show’s set up, characters and plot, I’m still having fun watching it. Okay, it is definitely appealing to that inner teenager inside rather than the adult I supposedly am, and I definitely will not argue that this is actually quality viewing (the series so far has a two star rating on Crunchyroll and I’ve never seen a functional show score so low on there given most things are at least three stars even if they are hopelessly broken), but I’m kind of happy to just switch my brain off and admire the pretty shiny spectacle playing out.


Yeah, the dialogue is also an issue but I’m going to ignore that for a bit.

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