Sengoku Night Blood Episode 12: Do We Celebrate Yet?



There’s always a sigh of relief that comes with the end of a show that has become tedium to watch. This one doesn’t even get to declare itself a bad show. It is just kind of there. And that’s all that can be said of this final episode as well.


The boys get together (wait, you thought they were warring factions) and they beat up the giant yakuma thing that showed up last episode for the sake of having a final fight given the warlords clearly aren’t interested in actually having a war. They get beaten pretty badly but do manage to pry what’s her name free from it and so you think maybe we’ll finally find out what is so special about her.


Nope. Instead, we’ll just have the two main vampire boys suck her blood, start glowing golden and beat the giant thing up again. And that’s all she wrote. The resolution kind of remembers that she’s meant to be looking for a way home, you know because she was transported into another world in episode one in case we forgot given the lack of significance this fact had, and then the story ends. Just kind of nothingness right to the end and I feel writing a full series review of this is going to be challenging.

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