Sengoku Night Blood Episode 11: Once a Damsel in Distress



I think what continues to bug me the most about this show is there is actually an interesting premise here, buried underneath the inane chatter that clutters most of the screen time. This alternative view of the warring states could have been interesting if the show had cared to actually examine it or even the bringing together of the warlords to defend the world from the Yakuma could have been fun. Instead though, we are treated to more guys trying to be nice to miss no personality before we finally get back to something that might be remotely interesting.


And just in case protecting villagers and pride was not enough, she goes and gets herself captured by the monsters just to set up a final fight against the monsters (with no resolution to the warring factions in sight). Mostly this remains a fairly bland and uninteresting watch. It isn’t strictly speaking broken, just not really worth the effort.

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