Sengoku Night Blood Episode 10: And She Goes Back to Hideyoshi



This really is just an elaborate game of pass the parcel that we’ve been watching over these ten weeks. Yazuki starts with Hideyoshi and has literally just been passed around through every other character’s strong hold and now she’s going back to Hideyoshi. It really just feels fairly empty and pointless at this stage.


Oh, there’s also some back story about why Hideyoshi and Nobunaga aren’t getting along and it is the usual kind of misunderstanding/honour/pride thing you’d expect and not all that interesting to be honest.


And the yakuma threat continues to grow but I guess Hideyoshi or Nobunaga are going to do something about that and maybe that will be our climax for the season because it certainly doesn’t seem like we’re getting Yazuki home (which seems to have been forgotten as a plot point quite some time ago).

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