Schoolgirl Strikers Episode 1



A new highschool for girls is secretly recruiting girls to become part of the Fifth Force to fight enemies coming from another dimension.


The question I persistently asked throughout the running of the first episode of this was ‘it is over yet?’ I found this incredibly tedious to watch. We have a generic action sequence opening followed by some generic girls at high school stuff, a narrator that sounds more bored than I was to info-dump at random intervals, and then we have a transformation sequence so that we can have school girls and school girls in skimpy outfits before we launch another generic action sequence to finish the episode. There’s nothing inherently broken about this show but I did find it really dull because there isn’t anything particularly interesting about it either. Anyway, I am going to give it one more episode now that we’ve established characters and setting but I just don’t see me sticking this one out.

Schoolgirl Strikers is available on Crunchyroll.


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5 thoughts on “Schoolgirl Strikers Episode 1

  1. I haven’t watched it yet but I guess based on what you posted, you hated this with a passion, yes? Will you still watch it a couple of episodes before dropping altogether or will you survive until the end of the series?

    1. Didn’t hate it, was more completely indiffierent to it. It wasn’t doing anything offensive or much of anything at all. At the moment I’ve dropped it. Depending on how other shows go it might get picked up again but I’m not holding my breath on that.

  2. This was pretty much what I thought, and I found that scene in the picture (of the teacher asking the student why the sword was stuck in the ground) confusing and unnecessary. Thefeeling I got when watching it was that maybe the teacher didn’t know about the fighting, but later in the episode it’s revealed that she does so wth?
    I guess that there’s been so many ‘school girl fighting evil/creatures/etc’ kind of anime over the years that I was expecting something a little more interesting from a recent one, but sadly it was so bad I couln’t even finish watching this episode.

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