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After such an incredibly strong and interesting first half, I guess it was inevitable that something would falter and these three episodes kind of bring a lull. It isn’t that things aren’t happening here but the focus after the reveal has definitely been on the cute girl aspect of this show. Cute girls writing letters and thinking of their future and cute girls messing around in a water tank (swim suits part two for the season).

School7In honesty there is nothing wrong with this. The characters are in a horrible position and they are making the most of it. There have always been these cutesy moments and they add to the enjoyment of the horror because you actually see what these characters would have been like if, you know, zombies hadn’t taken over.

However, I’ll swing my focus to the new mystery brewing and I’m less enthralled by it than I was over the question of whether the teacher were alive or dead. That mystery was clever and felt really genuine whereas this current one feels like they are over-complicating their plot and that its going to make it very hard to stick the landing in a satisfying manner. Essentially, the non-delusional girls in the club have been wondering about all the conveniences of this school that make survival even possible and with the discovery of a key they unearth an emergency evacuation plan for staff that kind of indicates that whoever was running the school knew a zombie plague was coming.


Just why?

If you don’t tell me how the zombie outbreak started, I genuinely won’t care. Somehow, somewhere, an infection started and now we have zombies. These girls are just kids trying to survive. It makes sense that they don’t know why that happened or who started it so an audience member I don’t need to know either. However, if you try to tell me a high school was involved in some sort of national or global conspiracy involving biological agents and you are pushing my ability to suspend disbelief. They might still do something with this that I can go along with but I am now kind of worried for where the last three episodes are going to go.

I’ve really enjoyed watching this but I am hoping that it manages to end well. And by well I mean horrifically but that’s just me.

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3 thoughts on “School-Live Episodes 7 – 9

  1. I agree, the 9th episode was really bad. It felt almost like inwas watching a different series at some point. Am looking forward to your thoughts on the final three episodes. There are definitely going to be a few great scenes in those last three 😊

  2. Oh those slower episodes are killer. I just wanted to know everything so bad! I’m curious how you are going to feel about the ending at this point. I have things I want to talk about with ya here but it’s too soon, don’t want to give anything up.

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