School-Live Episodes 10 – 12


Review – Some spoilers:

There’s a lot I want to say but most of it relates to the overall series and I’ll save that for my series review of this. On these three episodes I did have some disappointments, but episode 10 did have a massive shift from the slice-of-life cuteness of episode 9 and we went into fairly full on zombie horror. However, it is in these three episodes where the delicate balancing act between cute girls/slice of life/zombie horror derails because amazingly enough you can’t satisfy everyone with your ending and this show already made it clear it was landing firmly on the side of cute girls dealing with zombies rather than a zombie story with cute girls in it.


So the end is serviceable enough, doesn’t resolve the mystery they started unearthing in the second half and doesn’t give us any real narrative resolution even for the girls. They graduate (or rather hold a fake graduation ceremony) and head off for hopefully another shelter (given the state there’s is in after these episodes). And that’s it.

Certainly there’s been character development and Yuki has finally faced her reality. All of the girls have grown a bit though most intriguing are the questions raised about whether the zombies are conscious or not and of course that line of thought doesn’t get any kind of answer. Nor does the emergency vaccine in the basement seem to have any purpose or explanation. Nor does the sudden hostility of the zombies other than they don’t like being out in the rain. You know, it works well enough but after the first half of this series I really wanted more.

Anyway, as I said, I’ll save a lot of that for the series review. I’m still glad I watched this series and even these episodes have their moments.

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One thought on “School-Live Episodes 10 – 12

  1. So I could explain a lot about the ending anytime but it’d be too much to go into in a comment, plus spoilers for manga and such as well so….

    Any way, I would totally love to see more of this if it ever got the chance to get made. The manga is doing pretty well so there is a chance. This is a rare occasion where I am sort of keeping up on the general direction of the story. Looking forward to your overall review 🙂

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