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Any doubt I had about the teacher is gone as this episode makes it clear she is entirely in Yuki’s head. Otherwise there’s no way she would have given permission for an outing and certainly no way she’d hand her car keys to a student. The fact that Yuki is the one handing over the keys while the teacher stands there flustered is the first give away and then the second, if you needed it, is when the teacher is somehow in the car as they speed away from the school. She wasn’t with Kurumi getting the car and she wasn’t with Yuki and Yuri so had no means to get in the car.

Though the teacher is hardly the big point here, I’m just happy to have finally resolved my doubts about her. What is really impressive is how Yuki manages to deny everything that has happened. I knew she was seeing a different world then the reality but she even explains the barricades away as being repair closures.


That’s some fierce denial she’s got going on here.

I guess eventually they will tell us what happened to Megu-nee and why she isn’t with them anymore but this week’s episode is all about Miki and how she was at the mall when the zombie outbreak started. Interestingly she wasn’t alone however her friend also had a clear case of denial and decided to ‘go for help’. I’m not certain whether we’re going to run into zombie friend next episode or if she’s just gone from the series so that we never know what happened to her but Miki has been left with the dog (so at least we know how the club got a dog).


I’m really loving this series. We’re learning things out of sequence but everything slots together so beautifully and there’s some real logic behind it. Not to mention, there’s some really great nods to classic horror scenes even as we bounce through this world of cute anime girls.

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