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I ended up watching this show after reading D’s review of episode 1, so didn’t really know where it went after that and I must say episode 2 was a delightful surprise. My current suspicion from this is that the teacher is also an illusion that Yuki is seeing but one that the other girls treat like an imaginary friend. I wonder if that’s true or if the stilted interactions and the teacher randomly appearing at times and not being around at others are just part of the added creepiness but my bet is she doesn’t exist.

Outside of the ongoing questions about how much of what we are seeing is real and how much is in Yuki’s head, episode 2 gives us far more insight into the other girls and particularly Kurumi as the episode begins and ends with her having some seriously nasty flashbacks and we also see her in action against the zombies.


These scenes are such a stark contrast with the happy go lucky and bright colours we normally see and the juxtaposition from slice of life school romp to full on zombie horror is really well handled. It isn’t jarring but rather feels like the brightness exists only to show how dark things can get and it means they don’t have to push too far to make these darker moments horrific. By the very nature of the music and colour change as well as the expressions on the faces of the characters, horror is created and almost more effectively than in a show that showers the audience with buckets of blood every other scene.


We also realise that the girls didn’t start in the school given there’s a reference to one of them surviving in a mall and we realise they don’t know how far the zombies have spread or if there is anyone left to come and rescue them.

I like that despite the fact that they can fight the occasional lone zombie this group aren’t arming up and trying to fight their way through the horde (at least not yet but I guess if their supply situation gets too bad it would be a different story). It is rare to see a zombie tale where the main characters really are just sitting and waiting, trying to survive without moving around or fighting every other moment.

Very much enjoying this so far but we’ll see how the rest of the story unfolds.

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4 thoughts on “School-Live Episode 2

  1. Trust me: it will only get better. I totally agree with what you are writing here, this show really felt different from the usual zombie series so to speak 😊 It’s a highly original series with a pretty cool concept as well. Hope you will continue to enjoy it, but knowing your taste in anime I’m pretty sure you will continue to do so 😊

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