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Okay, I didn’t actually stop between these episodes and I think it is going to get harder for me to stop because I’m really enjoying this story, hence the lack of images to populate the post. These two episodes conclude the story of how Miki joined the School Living club and how they revealed what I’d kind of guessed about the teacher.


Despite more or less knowing the reveal because I’d convinced myself that it had to be the case, this was still pretty dramatic because of the way the characters react to sharing that information. Not Yuki of course. She’s in her own delusional little world and while that might be fun for her I still am not convinced of the other club members motives in letting her just continue on her merry way. I guess its more fun than admitted you actually are in the midst of a zombie apocalypse and help may not be coming.

The blend of horror and slice of life in this story continues to be very effective as we go from a standard mall run where the characters are having to constantly be on alert and ultimately face a horde (one of the first real confrontations we’ve seen of any scale) to the girls having a sports competition in the school. The contrast is jarring but in the surreal and fascinating way that keeps you glued to the screen.

I’ll also continue to give this show props for its direction because so far that has been pretty amazing. The only scene I didn’t really like was the one with Miki and Yuki in the music room. For the first time the shift between Yuki vision and reality was a little heavily done and just felt gimmicky rather than sincere. Though, given what that scene was trying to emphasise (and it was ensuring that no further doubt remained about it) the heavy handed nature was probably deliberate.

Overall, I’m really hooked on this and I’m looking forward to the next run of episodes.

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5 thoughts on “School-Live Epiosdes 5 + 6

  1. It was so hard to watch this series by just one episode – it does suck you in. I liked the Megu-nee reveal scene – it was heavy handed but I guess it worked in that moment.

    1. I think it wored because they’d built up to it so much. It was heavy handed but I kind of expect that from Japanese horror at this point so I didn’t mind it.

  2. Haha, yeah I know what you mean about getting hooked in this series and not being able to stop. I had to pace myself to watch only one episode at a time, because I was watching along with D. But that was a hard thing to do. Glad that you are enjoying this series, it really is quite awesome 😊

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