School Babysitters Episode 9: Yet Another Beach Episode For The Winter Anime Season



It is probably harsh to judge an anime episode based on an annoyance that every series seems to have shoved a beach sequence in over the past two weeks and yet just on seeing the water rushing onto the sand I wanted to stop the video and move on. I get that there are staple elements to these kinds of shows and a beach episode is one of them, but they could at least pretend for originality (or stretch them out so they don’t all air within a week of each other).


The beach sequence really added nothing to this plot other than a brief reflection that Kotaro and Ryuuichi’s parents have only been gone a relatively short time and that the two of them are codependent at this point (both points are already pretty obvious so that makes this entirely superfluous). Then we move on to Taka destroying Kamitami’s property and Kamitami getting mad for real.


Of course everything is solved and happily ever after with lessons learned by the end, but this was a truly unspectacular episode of School Babysitters which is a shame after the adorableness that was episode 8.

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