School Babysitters Episode 8: There’s a Perfect Level of Stupidly Cute Achieved This Week



It would be hard to argue that this was a better episode than any other of this series so far. It pretty much does everything that you would expect it to do. And yet twice during the episode, instead of just a smile, this episode managed to make me laugh out loud to the point where I had to pause the episode because I could’t keep reading the subs. It is hard to really poke holes at a show when it gave you that much of a good laugh.


Kotaro and Taka’s phone conversation was priceless and I think what makes it work is because the entire situation is so grounded in reality and you could genuinely see the two of them doing just that and it is stupidly cute. Okay, the plot this week is pretty ordinary with Ryuichi receiving a love letter and then realising he needs to turn it down because his attention should be on his brother for the first half, followed by Kamitama and Ryuichi taking their brothers to the festival with fairly expected results, but when individual moments are hitting their mark the way they did this episode, the overall lack of substance becomes less of a hurdle to overcome.


This one is pure cuteness and it is working fairly consistently with only one episode so far that really didn’t work for me. So, this one continues to surprise me by being appealing, but it is appealing.

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11 thoughts on “School Babysitters Episode 8: There’s a Perfect Level of Stupidly Cute Achieved This Week

  1. I had gotten behind on this show but when I saw the picture on your post I immediately caught up. I honestly love mindless fluff like this and watching Ryuichi be embarrassed was adorable

  2. I’m now in sync with this so I can finally read your reviews. Yay!! Well, I just wanted to say that. The cuteness of the phone call was a ten. And the lost sword. And Kotarous spinned sugar (is that really the name in English? It sounds strange to my ears. 🤔) I have needed cuteness this week (thus I started this even though it hasn’t ended yet) and that’s what I got. And as a bonus I can finally read some of your reviews. 🙌🏻

    1. I don’t think it is supposed to be spinned sugar. We’d probably call it fairy floss in Australia, though not sure what it is called elsewhere.

      1. Fairy floss, that’s very cute and fitting. Thank you! Yeah, it sounds wrong with spinned sugar. It is a direct translation of what we call it in Sweden. 😎😂

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