School Babysitters Episode 7: It Absolutely Isn’t ‘Like’



I’m glad it isn’t just me confused by anime characters that can’t admit when they like someone or not. This week, Inomata confused the kids to no end when she claimed not to like Ryuuichi, which in kid logic means she hates him. They then set out on a semi adorable quest to prove he is likeable but that mostly just leads to a touching moment between the brothers before that single most awkward moment most people can imagine in highschool.


It’s a very good thing Ryuuichi is denser than a brick wall sometimes. Outside of this story, we then had one about one of the twins having a cold and needing to stay home and the question of whether or not the other one was lonely. Again, this was played for the most adorable look that it could be played for and for the most part the story works.


Overall, this show continues to be better than expectations and the kids remain cute enough without crossing into overload territory so I’m continuing to enjoy this even if it doesn’t have all that much substance.

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9 thoughts on “School Babysitters Episode 7: It Absolutely Isn’t ‘Like’

  1. I have caught up on this now (had a bad day, needed cute and it was this or Sanrio) and it is cute. Not much to think about really which is nice. The perfect brain relaxer. Cute boys and adorable kids, me best. Thank you for this post. Now I’m gonna read the rest of them. 😊

    1. Yeah, there isn’t much to think about in this, but it does do cute and it manages to do cute in a way that doesn’t make me roll my eyes (too often).

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