School Babysitters Episode 6: Go Kotaro, Go



Another fairly adorable finish to an episode as we had an attack of the pastel, sparkle bubbles surrounding our protagonists. And as snarky as that sounds, I’m mostly just covering for the fact that it was such a sweet ending to an episode and I really enjoyed seeing these two brothers get some time alone, even if it was to share a fairly shaken up lunch box.


But that’s kind of starting at the end. The first half of the episode was dealing with the brothers of the number 2 student at the school who are tired of being poor and end up stuck in a hedge. Yeah, I was a little lost on the connection with that one as well, however when you gather a whole bunch of familiar faces from the series, moral messages abound and everyone is magically saved and happy in no time.


Yeah, this first half is a little weak. Mostly because the issue is resolved far too neatly and quickly. Still, Kotaro got another fairly cool moment in this half after one of the boys slapped his brother.


All and all, this episode did a good job of following up on these characters and gave us one okay story and one fairly solid adventure. This show remains surprisingly charming overall.

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12 thoughts on “School Babysitters Episode 6: Go Kotaro, Go

  1. I absolutely love the first errand episodes in animes and manga that feature children. They’re adorable! The reactions of the students to Kotaro’s adventure absolutely made this work. Would recommend similar episodes from Sweetness and Lightning (episode 7) and the manga Live so Life.

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